Donate Now New Trail Branding!

Posted on March 25, 2019

The visual icon you have been used to seeing for the trail fundraising campaign was designed by Kevin O'Brien of Kalavida Surf. Thank you Kevin! With the trail now in a new phase, a formal visual identity program and amenity logo has been developed. The colour scheme reflects the colours along the trail, and colours from logos of each of the owner jurisdictions along the trail.

Okanagan Rail Trail logo encapsulates the many benefits and experiences the trail has to offer its users and communities. The containing shape is an ‘O’ representing the Okanagan as well as an oval train track. The graphic elements combine in a cohesive way to signify the connection of communities, environment, history, heritage, and future of the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Heritage & History

The logo design is inspired by traditional Syilx pictographs. Kilowna (grizzly) claws are representative of the traditional Syilx name for the Kelowna area. Rail way ties represent the history of railway that visually transforms in to the trail. These two elements work in unison and signify the partnership and transformation of the Railway to the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Connection & Future

The trail winds through the mountains/valley, serving as a conduit for recreation, commuting and connecting communities. The trail leads the eye through the environment and in to the sunny horizon, signifying a positive and bright future.


Mountains / Valley, Wildlife, Trees, Lakes, Beach, Sky, Sun