Trail Ambassadors

Volunteer Trail Ambassadors have been the Okanagan Rail Trail cheerleaders since the beginning of the trail building fundraising campaign.

Trail Ambassadors are the friendly faces you may meet along the trail who are ready to share local insights and hear from you about your experiences on the trail. Watch for the yellow vests and share your questions and comments. 

The role of Trail Ambassadors is to:

  • Support the trail user experience;
  • Inspire users by sharing information on the trail environment and history;
  • Solicit feedback and information from users;
  • Be a visible presence on the trail to help ensure user safety;
  • Report to managing authorities on conditions and issues; and
  • Encourage compliance with trail etiquette and rules.

Trail Stewards

A new program, for trail stewardship volunteers is under development.  It is all about balancing our recreational enjoyment with taking care of this incredible greenway, including the vegetated strips along the trail.  This is particularly important because the trail corridor follows lakeshore environments and waterways along much of its length.

The stewardship program could evolve to include:

  • Weed pulling and clipping to supplement the work of local governments, but using manual, non-chemical methods
  • Planting native plants and seeding areas as directed by a restoration plan.
  • Citizen science – to monitor restoration areas over time, wildlife habitat use, etc

If you are a local resident that is passionate about sharing your knowledge of the community and appreciation for the Okanagan Rail Trail, we would love to have you join the trail volunteer team for the 2021 season.

For more information, email: [email protected] or apply using the link below.