Find Your Way on Okanagan Rail Trail

With your support, our beloved trail will only get better! Friends of Okanagan Rail Trail is excited to continue their work building wayfinding signage kiosks at various Okanagan Rail Trail entrances! Kiosks allow trail users to explore the history of the trail, how it connects communities, and the importance of respect and etiquette. New wayfinding signage will provide kilometre markings and offer full trail maps for trail users as well as sectional maps of the surrounding communities.

Donations to the ‘Find Your Way’ campaign go directly towards building Tier 1, 2, and 3 Kiosks along the Okanagan Rail Trail. Your donations support all costs that go into building and creating way finding signage, graphics, kilometre markers, and all other structural assets.

If you like what you see so far, and want the work to continue, please consider a donation for trail improvements. We have a growing group of Friends who donate on a regular basis, and this helps back grant applications and our ongoing project planning. Several families have chosen to memorialize lost loved ones through a donation to the Okanagan Rail Trail, or to encourage donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays or special occasions.  All gifts give back for current and future generations.

Tier 1 Kiosk

Gateway Kiosk

Gateway kiosks are special access points along the trail. They anchor the Okanagan Rail Trail experience and are places of information, orientation, and celebration.

Gateway Kiosks include iconic banner signage with syilx translation, kilometre markers, information panels, and full trail maps. The signage focuses on the Nature, Culture and History of the area. Plus you’ll be able to read more information on how to volunteer or donate to this great trail as well as highlight trail etiquette. Our trail user community is diverse and it’s so important to respect others, know and follow the rules and always be alert!

Tier 2 Kiosk

Node Kiosk

Node kiosks are smaller access points that entrances and exits along the trail. They are a place for wayfinding informationand orientation.

Nodes (Tier 2 Kiosks) serve as start or end points along the Okanagan Rail Trail. Node locations may be dictated by proximity to existing key amenities such as public parking or washroom facilities. They include all Tier 1 Kiosk information except for the iconic curved signage, with syilx translation.

Tier 3 Kiosk

Major Access Points

Tier 3 Kiosks orient trail users at entrances and exits on the trail.

Major Access Points are frequently used to orient trail users with kilometre markers and mapping. The focus is to help pedestrians and cyclists locate community centres, public transportation routes, or accessible pedestrian routes.

Km 0 Gateway

Phase 2 Now Complete

Trailheads set the stage for the trail experience, and now the rail trail has its first gateway thanks in part to community generosity.

In 2020-21, trail supporters donated to the ‘Sunflower Campaign’ and this together with grants and contributions from the Regional District of North Okanagan funded site development in 2022.