Fall is a beautiful time of year to spend time outdoors in the Okanagan. Enjoy the freshness of the crisp autumn air while taking in the kaleidoscope of changing colours the surround the trail. Nearby fruit stands are also in their glory – be sure to stop by for some perfectly ripe pears or apples to enjoy as a mid-adventure snack. 

At this time of year, pack layers and dress warm, particularly if you are planning to be on the trail later in the day. Be sure to check the weather and wear appropriate shoes and outerwear.


In the winter months, you can’t beat the freshness of the outdoor Okanagan air. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of snow-dusted mountains contrasting the blue beauty of the local lakes. 

At this time of year, trade the road bikes for a fat tire bike,  snowshoes, or cross country skiis to enjoy the scenic beauty of the trail in Lake Country and Vernon, warming up at a local coffee shop en route. On the urban portion of the trail in downtown Kelowna, take a slight detour off the trail to enjoy lakeside skating at Stuart Park. 

Note that several sections of the trail, including washrooms, are not maintained during the winter. For a list of currently accessible sites, see the trail map for details. 


As the air warms, it is the perfect time to get out and see the new life the season brings. Enjoy the sights and sounds as birds return to our popular bird-watching locales and the spring flowers start to bloom. 

With melting snow comes sometimes wet trails. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear when exploring the trail and keep an eye out for slippery sections. 


The Okanagan has long-been known for exceptional summers. Along the Okanagan Rail Trail, you can cool off from the warm summer sun at one of the many beaches dotting the trail and take some time to enjoy fresh cherries and peaches when they’re at their peak. 

As the Okanagan enjoys up to two-hours more sunshine than California during the peak of summer, you have even more time to experience all that the trail has to offer. 

Beat the heat during the summer with light layers and plenty of water. A bathing suit is always a good option to pack as well should you need a mid-trail swim.  Consider the direction of the sun when planning your trip – the east side of Wood Lake offers the best shade in the morning, for example.