From the beginning, the Okanagan Rail Trail was viewed as more than just a trail. It is a public space with the potential to be world class for trail recreation and more. Every person who enjoys the trail can be a friend to the trail – to give back and support the programs that will make the trail the best it can be.

Local volunteers who support this public amenity call themselves Friends of Okanagan Rail Trail, or FORT for short. FORT is a volunteer, non-profit organization and the official non-government partner to the rail trail owner jurisdictions.

How can your experience on the Okanagan Rail Trail move you to get involved and befriend the trail?

Thank you to the friends who helped build the trail!

Over 5000 individual donors contributed towards the trail building campaign.  Thank you for creating this Okanagan legacy!

FORT Values

The values of Friends of Okanagan Rail Trail are aligned with the values of this treasured community amenity.  The user experience is key, but also important is protecting and restoring natural areas along the trail, telling the stories that enrich the trail experience, and engaging trail supporters.

FORT Programs

Our values will be applied across three main program areas:

  • Trail Ambassadors
  • Trail Improvement 
  • Fundraising

FORT programs and activities are in development and will be coordinated with owner jurisdictions.

Trail Etiquette and Giving Back

The Okanagan Rail Trail is a place of legacy, connections, discovery and enjoyment. It is a public space with the potential to be world class. Every person who uses or appreciates the trail has the opportunity to be a friend to the trail – to use the trail respectfully, and to give back to make the trail the best it can be.