Thank You Donors

We are honoured to celebrate and acknowledge your ongoing support of the Okanagan Rail Trail. Every contribution is greatly valued.

Fundraising Continues

Support Ongoing Trail Enhancements

FORT is always fundraising as we have many more enhancements we would like to make and your support is always appreciated. We have a growing group of Friends who donate on a regular basis and this helps support our grant applications and our ongoing FORT project planning. Thank you so very much for your continued support and generosity.
Kilometre Zero

Sunflower Campaign

In 2020, the first trailside improvement fundraising campaign was launched.  This campaign focused on improvements to create the first trail gateway at Kilometre Zero of the 50 km Okanagan Rail Trail.

Donors were offered the opportunity to share comments, and it is heart-warming to hear the gratitude that inspired their donations.

2016 – 2018

Trail Building Campaign

The generosity of donors who supported the original trail building campaign (2016 – 2018) is not forgotten.  Thank you to these visionary donors.