Please be respectful.

Consider your impacts on the environment and people who live in the area.
  • Abide by the Thompson Okanagan Seven Affirmations for Seven Generations.
  • Stay on the trail except where there are established trailside rest areas. Native trailside vegetation provides beauty and habitat. Damaging vegetation can cause erosion and allow weeds to spread. Shoreline areas and creekside are particularly sensitive.
  • Pack out your litter and dispose properly in waste bins.
  • Watch for wildlife on the trail.  In the spring and fall particularly, snakes may seek warmth from the trail, and can be run over by cyclists.
  • Respect neighbours at trail parking areas by accessing the trail safely and quietly. Respect landowners and agricultural operations along the trail.

Share the trail with other trail users.

Here are some great reminders from Rails to Trails Conservancy:

How will you enjoy the trail today?Permitted Uses:

Active transportation (non-motorized modes of transportation)
  • Walking, dog walking on leash
  • Cycling
  • Roller blading, Skateboards (appropriate on paved sections in Kelowna only)
  • Push scooters & other human-powered devices
Mobility assistance devices
  • Motorized wheelchairs
  • Electric scooters
Electric bicycles
  • Electricity powered electronic bicycles or motor-assisted cycles, in accordance with the BC Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation, are allowed.
  • If your bike has a gas engine attached, it is not permitted on the trail.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles (including golf carts and off-road vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles) are not permitted.

Overnight camping and open fires are not permitted.


  • Parking is limited at Okanagan Rail Trail access points. Residents and visitors are encouraged to use active transportation to get to access points where possible.
If you have any questions during your trail adventure, look for the wayfinding signage or find one of our friendly trail ambassadors along the way.
Happy trails!