Okanagan Indigenous sqilx/syilx artists are invited to help create an engaging learning experience at the northern gateway to the Okanagan Rail Trail (Km 0 at k’ək’maplqs). k’ək’maplqs is not only an important trailhead for this popular trail, but a place with a rich history for the sqilx/syilx people who lived here for thousands of years before European settlement. 

“Km 0 is a place for a new beginning in our understandings of the trail along beautiful Kalamalka Lake, and the sqilx/syilx culture, past and present”, says Laurie Postill, chair of the volunteer Friends of Okanagan Rail Trail. We are looking to identify painters, photographers, illustrators and storytellers who could contribute towards completion of interpretive signs, online content, and other artistic site enhancement. 

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Please send submissions by JUNE 30 to [email protected].