July 2019.

Guidelines for Events on the Okanagan Rail TrailUses: All events taking place on the Okanagan Rail Trail (ORT) network must ensure that the ORT remains open to the general public. This will ensure that the primary uses of recreation and commuting are not impeded by events.Events can only include uses that are approved permitted uses of the ORT (e.g. walking, running, cycling)To ensure a balanced approach of recreational, commuting and residential enjoyment with event usage, cross-jurisdictional events or events of 100 or more participants will not be considered during July or August.Process and permits: Event organizers are responsible for determining which event process that they need to follow. Event organizers are responsible for complying with each owner jurisdiction’s event policies and procedures that the event is taking place.Event-related activities: Staging and other event-related items are not permitted on the ORT and must be located so they do not impede public access to the ORT. Each owner jurisdiction is responsible to determine off-trail issues including staging, parking, liquor licenses, road crossings, and other event-related activities and to work with other owner or stakeholder jurisdictions when required.Liquor and cannabis: Liquor and cannabis are not permitted on the ORT. Event organizers can apply to the owner jurisdiction for a permit for liquor/cannabis consumption for the staging area at the end of the event only. The owner jurisdiction has the right to approve or deny these requests.Maintenance: Each owner jurisdiction is responsible to ensure appropriate maintenance is completed prior to and after an event.

Find out more about the process and permits required for an event on the Okanagan Rail Trail by contacting the owner jurisdiction(s) for the section of trail you want to use:

Kelowna Event Services Team at [email protected] or 250-469-8423

DLC Matt Vader at [email protected] or 778-738-2727

Regional District of North Okanagan at [email protected] or RDNO Trails and Natural Spaces 250-550-3712