Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

Please note: The donor list is not updated yet. It is being updated offline and will be reposted the end of October. For more information, see the article in the news/blog section.

0744357 BC LTD
100 Men who give a Damn
1724720 Alberta Ltd
A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections-Kelowna
A Hannan
A Moscroft
A-1 Rentals
Aaron Barrie
Aaron Luprypa
Aaron McVey
Abbie And Ari Borden
Abbie And Ari Borden
Abbie And Ari Borden Davidson
Ace Hardware
Adam Goodwin
Adam Greengrove
Adam Harris
Adam Lamey
Adam Steed
Adrian Johnson
Adriana Cooper
AdvoCare Health Services
AdvoCare Health Services
Afra Lindquist
Aidan Malish
Aidan Malish
Aidan Northcott
Aileen Lunde
Aileen Sim
Aimee Jensen
Aimee Molen
Aimee Schlosser
Al & Colleen Randal
Al And Janis Page
Al And Mona Hardy
Al Earl
Al/Kathy Wilkes
Alan Baumbrough
Alan Brandolini
Alan Gee
Alan Nichols
Alan Pratt
Alanna & Kenny Simms
Albert Benoit
Albert Duncan
Albert Johnson
Albert Labounty
Aldyn Overend & Keith Duhaime
Alex and Matt Cecill
Alex Barss