Thanks for Getting Inolved

Thank you to all of the Donors, Trail Ambassadors, Business Partners and Campaign Partners for helping to raise $7.8 million to develop the trail. And, our community did it in 2 years!

5,089 donations were made to support the development of the trail.

45 Trail Ambassadors provided their time, skills and energy to be the 'Cheer Leaders' for the campaign to rail $7.8 million.

62 Business Partners provide services in kind, product in kind, and/or helped to raise money for the trail.

24 Campaign Partners helped to raise awareness of the campaign and inspire donations.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, the campaign raised $7.8 million with no overhead costs. The only costs to raise the money were banking/credit card fees totally $73,000. The rest of the money will go to trail development. What a great community we have here in the Okanagan!