Donate Now Trail Ambassadors

Many popular trails benefit from the presence of volunteer Trail Ambassadors to assist trail users and managers. During trail fundraising, Trail Ambassadors were the campaign cheerleaders, and shared important information about the trail.

With the trail now funded, Trail Ambassadors will be trained to help with trail operations. The role of Trail Ambassadors will be to:

  • support the trail user experience,
  • inspire users by sharing information on the trail environment and history
  • solicit feedback and information from users,
  • be a visible presence on the trail to enhance user safety,
  • report to managing authorities on conditions and issues, and
  • encourage compliance with trail etiquette and rules.

A pilot program for Trail Ambassadors is underway. Watch for the yellow vests and friendly faces! The full Trail Ambassador program will be implemented in 2020. Watch this website for opportunities to sign up.