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Your generous donation will support the work required to design and build this amazing trail. Let’s be thankful for these supporters who have stepped forward to make a donation to build this legacy.

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Name Metres Funded
Win Muff 3
Winn Rentals Ltd. 32
Wolf-Tree Forestry Ltd. 1
Wolfgang Klose 1.25
Wolfgang Ohse 1
Wolfgang Ohse 1
Wolfgang Ohse 1
Wren Tomlinson 1
Wyatt Mackill 0.16
Xenia Semeniuk 1
Yvonne Orr 0.16
Yvonne Turgeon 0.75
Yvonne Wiltse 0.63
Zachary William Glinsbockel 1
Zee Marcolin 1.56
Zena Ryder 0.62
Zoe Blarowski 0.31

Campaign Progress

It will take a community to build a legacy.

Current Target

15.8% Complete

15.8%Final Stage - $3,175,000

48.5 km Funding Goal

63% Complete

31.02 (63%) total kilometres funded





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