Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

The donor list has been updated and consolidated. Below is a list of the individual donors who made the Okanagan Rail Trail a reality.

DONORS LIST April, 2019

Although placed in alphabetical order by surname, names are written in natural order. Please check the list for your donation, or the person that the donation was made for. Please report any errors or omissions to this email.

Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson
Barry Kyba
Barry Millar
Baxter Bolton
BC Interior Chapter of CITE
BC Lung Associations Radon Aware Program
Beata Fartel
Becky Parisotto
Becky Willis
Belinda Coulson
Ben Derksen
Ben Lays
Ben Verkerk
Ben Verkerk
Benjamin Boal
Benjamin Boal
Benson Lott
Bent Kristensen
Bernice & George Nakashima
Bernie And Alexandra Phillion
Bernie Ryan
Berry Family
Bert Brongers
Beth Allison
Beth Regehr
Betty Adams
Betty Alberstat
Betty and Gordon Smith
Betty And Norm Coe
Betty Anderson
Betty Anderson
Betty Sears
Betty Skilbeck
Betty Thibodeau
Bev Gilchrist
Bev Lyons
Bev Thomas
Beverlee Lauder
Beverley And Joe Arduini
Beverley Ashbaugh
Beverley McMahon
Beverly & Wilfred Holland
Beverly Duregon
Beverly Gordon
Beverly Holmes
Beverly L Holmes
Beverly Wooden
Bijan Ameli