Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

Please note: The donor list is not updated yet. It is being updated offline and will be reposted the end of October. For more information, see the article in the news/blog section.

Arthur Hughes-Games
Arthur Winskowski
Ashlee and Ron Robinson and Bierman
Ashley Willmott
Audrey and Doug Sutton and Fairweath
Audrey Beatch
Audrey Neal
Audrey Sutton
Austin Hadland
Avrill Trach
Ayman Talbut
Barb & Tom Nolan
Barb Brennan
Barb Kahl
Barb King
Barb Marcolin
Barb Smart
Barb Vermassen
Barb Vermassen
Barbara Fry
Barbara & Philip Levesque
Barbara & Trevor Stevens
Barbara Chivers
Barbara Coughlin
Barbara Eyles
Barbara Frame
Barbara Hamilton Gee
Barbara Hohner
Barbara Hohner
Barbara Klopfenstein
Barbara Newton
Barbara Nudd
Barbara Price
Barbara Schulz
Barbara Smart
Barbara Thiesen
Barbara Williamson
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson
Barend Donker
Barney Roth
Barrie Reid
Barry & Adeline Brown
Barry & Jackie Bignold
Barry Blois
Barry Cederstranu
Barry Dorval
Barry Forster
Barry Frisk