Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

The donor list has been updated and consolidated. Below is a list of the individual donors who made the Okanagan Rail Trail a reality.

DONORS LIST April, 2019

Although placed in alphabetical order by surname, names are written in natural order. Please check the list for your donation, or the person that the donation was made for. Please report any errors or omissions to this email.

Ann Ecclestone
Ann Grant
Anna & Steve Chute
Anna and Moshe Yarosky
Anna Flasch
Anna Green
Anna Rajkovic
Anne Champion
Anne Champion
Anne Clarke
Anne Collinson
Anne Kehoe
Anne Mayuk
Anne O'Keefe
Anne Wise
Anne Wise
Annette Denk
Annette Hughes
Annette Sharkey
Annis Ha
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
Anonymous (non-recepited)
Anson Willmott
Anthony & Morag Murray
Anthony and Kristie Dodds
Anthony Brown
Anthony Hynka
Anthony Pin
Ardelle Cates
Ardys Wyse
Ari and Abbie Borden
Arise Physiotherapy And Acupuncture
Arlene McKnight
Arlene Morgan
Arlene Weidman
Arne & Karen Anderson
Arno Compas
Arno Schortinghuis
Arnold Axen
Arnold Schmidt
Art Clark
Art Kristiansen
Arthur Haycock