Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

The donor list has been updated and consolidated. Below is a list of the individual donors who made the Okanagan Rail Trail a reality.

DONORS LIST April, 2019

Although placed in alphabetical order by surname, names are written in natural order. Please check the list for your donation, or the person that the donation was made for. Please report any errors or omissions to this email.

Andrea Manning
Andrea Wagner
Andreas Ortmayr
Andrew & Diane Stuart
Andrew & Patricia Oswell
Andrew & Patricia Oswell
Andrew Ambrozy
Andrew Buddle
Andrew Daley
Andrew Hoyte
Andrew Johns
Andrew Lambert
Andrew Maksymchuk
Andrew Overend
Andrew Parker
Andrew Portwood
Andrew Pulvermacher And Corinna Chong
Andrew Pye
Andrew Pye
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Woodward
Andrew, Danielle, Olivia & Emery Latchford
Andy & Faye Kettles
Andy & Naomi Erickson
Andy & Kathie Mather
Andy Gunther
Andy Jones
Angela Gillespie
Angela Gillespie
Angela Gillespie
Angela Jansso
Angela Meier
Angela Naismith
Angelika Offenwanger
Angelika Offenwanger
Angelika Offenwanger
Angelyn Salaberry
Angelyn Salaberry
Angus Cameron
Angus Mathieson
Angus Witt
Angus Witt
Anita and Colin Black
Anita Baker
Anita Carpenter
Anita Lawry
Ann & Bernd Dinnert
Ann Davis
Ann Dinnert
Ann Ecclestone