Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

Please note: The donor list is not updated yet. It is being updated offline and will be reposted the end of October. For more information, see the article in the news/blog section.

Alex Kourline
Alex Schubel
Alex Wambold
Alex Wambold
Alexanders's Beach Part
Alexandra De Souza
Alexandra Taylor
Alexis Koch
Alexis Thomson
Alfons Janusas
Ali And Karl McKusick
Alick & Sharon Newton
Alick Newton
Alise & Glenn Allan
Alisoin & Barrie Wheeler
Alison Smith
All Seasons Publications Ltd.
Allan Aldie
Allan Bloxham
Allan Elliott
Allan Fischer
Allan Keating
Allan Larsen
Allan Speevak
Allan Stewart
Allan Wingenbach
Allan Wingenbach
Allen Carswell & Donna Yakimishyn
Allen Ohlhauser
Allen. Bonnie Derksen
Allison Kelley
Allison MacMillan
Alvan Lewis
Aly Aly
Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Ulliac
Amanda Wright
Ambra Dickie & Karel Anctil
Amelia Bootle
Amiya And Holden Faasse
Anatoliy Nykilchyk
Anderson Subdivision Holdings Ltd
Anderton-Bell Famil
Andre Labelle
Andre Ortmayr
Andre Ortmayr
Andre Vien
Andrea Campbell
Andrea East
Andrea Mackintosh