Individual Donors - Thank you

Thank you to all of the donors who helped to create this legacy.

The donor list has been updated and consolidated. Below is a list of the individual donors who made the Okanagan Rail Trail a reality.

DONORS LIST April, 2019

Although placed in alphabetical order by surname, names are written in natural order. Please check the list for your donation, or the person that the donation was made for. Please report any errors or omissions to this email.

Alex Kourline
Alex Schubel
Alex Wambold
Alex Wambold
Alexanders's Beach Part
Alexandra De Souza
Alexandra Taylor
Alexis Koch
Alexis Thomson
Alfons Janusas
Ali And Karl McKusick
Alick & Sharon Newton
Alick Newton
Alise & Glenn Allan
Alisoin & Barrie Wheeler
Alison Smith
All Seasons Publications Ltd.
Allan Aldie
Allan Bloxham
Allan Elliott
Allan Fischer
Allan Keating
Allan Larsen
Allan Speevak
Allan Stewart
Allan Wingenbach
Allan Wingenbach
Allen Carswell & Donna Yakimishyn
Allen Ohlhauser
Allen. Bonnie Derksen
Allison Kelley
Allison MacMillan
Alvan Lewis
Aly Aly
Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Ulliac
Amanda Wright
Ambra Dickie & Karel Anctil
Amelia Bootle
Amiya And Holden Faasse
Anatoliy Nykilchyk
Anderson Subdivision Holdings Ltd
Anderton-Bell Famil
Andre Labelle
Andre Ortmayr
Andre Ortmayr
Andre Vien
Andrea Campbell
Andrea East
Andrea Mackintosh