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The Okanagan Rail Trail was built through strong community support and engagement, and the many happy trail users acknowledge this support!

The Friends of the Okanagan Rail Trail encourage trail users and communities to remain involved and support ongoing trail enhancements. Please see the ‘Friends’ tab for information about current campaigns.

Trail Construction Campaign - Now Complete

From spring 2016 to fall 2018, a community fundraising campaign and several grants raised the $7.8 million to develop the trail.

Thank you to all of the Donors, Trail Ambassadors, Business Partners, and Campaign Partners for playing a part to create this legacy - within 2 years!

Individual Donors

5,089 donations were made to support the development of the trail. Thank you to all of the donors, recognized on the list below.

Donor List September 11 2019

Please check the list for your donation, or the person that the donation was made for. Please report any errors or omissions to this email. This list will be used to create donor recognition signs on the trail.

Business Partners

62 Business Partners provided services in kind, product in kind, and/or helped to raise money for the trail. Thank you to the businesses who stepped forward in creative ways to help build this legacy.

Campaign Partners

24 Campaign Partners (service clubs, organizations, etc.) helped to raise awareness of the campaign and inspire donations. Thank you to these organizations.

Trail Ambassadors

45 Trail Ambassadors provided their time, skills and energy to be the 'Cheer Leaders' for the rail trail campaign. Thank you Trail Ambassadors!

Other Supporters

Many other groups and individuals worked, even prior to the fundraising campaign to make the trail a reality. This includes contributions to the “Yes” campaign in Lake Country, many in-kind donations, political support, good will and vision to move the project forward. Thank you to everyone who played a role!

Thanks to the efforts of all, the campaign to build the rail trail raised $7.8 million with no overhead costs. The only fundraising costs were banking/credit card fees totalling $73,000. The rest of the money went to trail development. What a community achievement!