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If you are a club, group, organization or business and you wish to encourage your members, employees and customers to donate and/or organize fundraising events, you can become a Campaign Partner.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Campaign Partner (CP). As a CP you may get involved by:

  1. Making a donation.
  2. Sending messages to employees, members, customers encouraging them to get involved and make a donation
  3. Host campaign events.
  4. Developing or providing a product that will help spread the word and/or raise money for the trail.
  5. Developing your own ideas to help get the word out and raise money in your community - your creative ideas are appreciated.

Complete the form to get started as a Campaign Partner.

It takes a community to build a legacy. Thank you for helping to build this legacy.

Campaign Progress

It will take a community to build a legacy.

Current Target

35% Complete

35%$150,000 to finish the trail!

48.5 km Funding Goal

98% Complete

48.50 (98%) total kilometres funded





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Funding totals are not automatically updated after your donation, please check back regularly for updates.