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If you are a business and wish to support the campaign by providing in-kind products and services or have other ideas on how your business can support this campaign, you can become a Business Partner.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Business Partner (BP). As a BP you may get involved by:

  1. Making a donation to cover campaign costs (all other donations go to trail development only)
  2. Providing in-kind services like printing, video creation/editing, photography, or anything else you think will help the campaign.
  3. Providing in-kind products to support the campaign like great shirts for the TAs, flags, signs, banners, or any other products you see fit.
  4. Developing your own ideas to help get the word out and raise money in your community - your creative ideas are appreciated

Complete the form to get started as a Business Partner.

It takes a community to build a legacy. Thank you for helping to build this legacy.

Campaign Progress

It will take a community to build a legacy.

Current Target

35% Complete

35%$150,000 to finish the trail!

48.5 km Funding Goal

98% Complete

48.50 (98%) total kilometres funded





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