Donate Now Work continues in the northern section of the trail (along Kal Lake). NOTE - Large equipment operating!


March 1


July 1
Starting at 1km
Ending at 12km

Next trail entrance: Only a short access from Kick Whilie Loop south for approximately 1 km.

It is very important that we stay off the trail until it is officially open. For June, heavy equipment will be operating on the trail from Kukuli bay north. Material for future erosion protection work is bring transported in. Please stay clear of this section of the trail.

Officially, the entire section of the trail in the north is still closed. Work remaining includes inspection and sign-off of the rock cliffs after a winter of many freeze-thaw cycles to ensure the rock scaling completed last fall is sufficient, installation of safety signage and fencing along ALR land. Lastly, there is a lot of work that will need to be completed to restore the lakeshore from the flooding last spring. This work is important for future protection of the trail. This work will be completed in stages over the next couple of years, however design work and surveying will need to be completed this spring along with possible restoration in key areas (weather permitting).

The permit process for the trail is also not completed. The ALC is meeting with adjacent property owners to ensure that the operation of the trail will not interfere with agricultural activities adjacent to the trail and that trail users will be safe during the growing season. Please respect this request not to use the trail until the trail and safety requirements have been finalized and installed, and the permit to operate given.

Just prior to the trail opening, waypoint and safety signage will be installed.


Posted on March 1, 2018