Donate Now Lake Country work continues (southern Kal Lake, Isthmus and Wood Lake)


March 1


July 1
Starting at 12km
Ending at 28km

Next trail entrance: There is no access in Lake Country - entire section is closed due construction and permitting

Conversion of the bridge on the isthmus from railway to pedestrian/bicycle use will continue and the trail/road intersections are wrapping up.

The permit process for the trail is an important aspect to the trail in Lake Country and is also not completed. The ALC is meeting with adjacent property owners to ensure that the operation of the trail will not interfere with agricultural activities adjacent to the trail and that trail users will be safe during the growing season. Please respect this request not to use the trail until the trail and safety requirements have been finalized and installed, and the permit to operate given.

Just prior to the trail opening, waypoint and safety signage will be installed.


Posted on March 1, 2018