Donate Now Kelowna trail construction underway and the trail is CLOSED.


March 1


September 30
Starting at 35km
Ending at 49km

Next trail entrance: All sections of trail in Kelowna are closed. Please respect this request to stay off the trail.

Trail construction is completed in several sections of the trail. As some of the work is along a creek, some sections of the trail can only be completed in 'fish windows' during the summer. Also, throughout June and July conduit to allow for future lighting of the trail will be installed.

As much of the trail is in highly populated areas, trail/road intersections are complex and require more road and trail design and construction. Also, this section of trail is being paved by the city once the work is base trail is completed. As a result, the trail will likely not be open until late September

Just prior to the trail opening, waypoint and safety signage will be installed.


Posted on March 1, 2018