Donate Now Kelowna trail is now OPEN from Gordon Drive to Old Vernon Road (airport).


March 1


September 24
Starting at 35km
Ending at 49km

Next trail entrance: You can now access the trail at any point from the airport south.

The section of trail from Gordon drive to the airport is now open.

An updated map of the entire trail is available in a link below showing which sections of trail open and which are currently closed. For any questions regarding use of the trail, please contact your local municipality.

Updated map of trail with open and closed sections.

Lake Country: Matt Vader, [email protected], 250-766-0200
RDNO: Keith Pinkoski, [email protected], 250-550-3700
OKIB: Victor Rumbolt, [email protected], 250-542-4328 Ext. 221
Kelowna: Andrew Gibbs, [email protected], 250-469-8836

Posted on March 1, 2018