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This first phase of trail development is the construction of a continuous compacted crushed aggregate trail 4.6 metres wide with way-finding signage. This will allow us to enjoy the benefits of the trail as quickly as possible while plans for kiosks, parking, washrooms, parks, paving and other upgrades are developed for the next phase.

Construction is broken into 4 stages outlined below. Stages 1-3 are fully funded and are scheduled to be completed by March 2018. With a sucessful campaign this year stage 4 can be scheduled and the trail can be completed.

Lets Finish the Trail!

1) Design & Environmental – design build plan for trail and environment analysis and permitting.

2) Access Control / Rock Scaling – includes barriers controlling access, permitting and work to ensure bridges, walls and cliffs are safe.

3) Intersection Control & Test Sections – purchase and install systems to control all trail-road intersections and complete test sections to verify trail construction methods and costs.

4) Construction & Completion – includes all costs associated with widening and constructing the trail bed and surface. This includes costs engineering, archaeology, surveying, site preparations, vegetation, and wayfinding signage.

Banking/Admin Fees – fees of approximately 2.3% consist of all credit card charges, bank charges and fees associated with providing tax receipts.These are paid on the monthly basis by the Foundations. All other fundraising costs are provided by in-kind donations, volunteer work and by personal contributions of trail ambassadors.

Every donation of $160 will cover the complete cost to develop one metre of trail. Let's work together to get those metres funded!

Trail Specifications

The trail will be 4.6 metres wide. This will allow for paving of sections in the phase 2 creating a 4.0 metre wide trail with shoulder without additional preparation costs. Some sections of trail may narrow due to natural limitations along lake shores.
Construction of the trail will require removal of the ballast rock currently on the surface. This rock will be crushed and or mixed with existing material and used in the construction of the trail bed. In order to provide the safest trail for all users the trail bed must be widened to permit 4.6 metre wide trail surface. The surface of the trail will be a compacted crushed aggregate suitable for road bikes, wheelchairs and strollers. A paved surface can be placed on top of this without any additional trail preparation costs.

Campaign Progress

It will take a community to build a legacy.

Current Target

80% Complete

80%George's 2nd Matching Campaign - $75,000

48.5 km Funding Goal

62% Complete

30.69 (62%) total kilometres funded





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