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Construction of the trail is much more than just moving dirt. The graphic below highlights some of the key aspects of developing the trail. Details are on the right.

Trail Development Currently Underway

  1. Environmental and ALR permitting is in process
  2. Bridge decking and hand rail installation wrapping up
  3. Rock Scaling plan being finalized
  4. Erosion control plan being developed Final designs being completed
  5. Preparation work along Kal and Wood Lakes.

Trail Development this Fall

  1. Rock scaling along Kal Lake
  2. Intersection control installation
  3. Start development of trail from Dilworth to UBCO/Airport
  4. Final designs being completed
  5. Development of sections of sub-grade (trail base) in Lake Country and RDNO.

Trail Development Remaining

  1. Raise approximately $2.8 million to complete the trail
  2. Erosion control along Kal, Wood and Duck lakes and drainage at creeks (culverts)
  3. Complete sections of sub-grade (trail base) in all areas
  4. Top trail with compacted crush aggregate
  5. Install way point signage
  6. Have a Celebration!


  • Nesting Birds –active nests will be identified prior to construction.
  • Fish Habitat/Foreshore - work will be completed during the window for fish in sensitive areas.
  • Small/Medium Mammals –avoid active den sites and timed to hibernating mammals.
  • Bats – mitigation measures will be implemented prior to rock scaling.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians – avoid habitat features and basking reptiles and amphibians.
  • Vegetation – Weed and invasive plant management


  • Steep Slopes -  hazard areas will be identified and addressed through rock scaling.
  • Soil Testing - underlying soil and groundwater conditions will be analyzed to refine the construction  process.
  • Erosion Control - existing gabion retaining structures will be improved. Other potential erosion areas will also be repaired to ensure long-term trail stability.


8.8km of trail are adjacent to ALR land.  Potential impacts on production have been identified. Mitigation measures include.

  • Signage to develop trail a trail etiquette that respects all adjacent land owners and avoid conflict. 
  • Manage weed and invasive plants along the trail.
  • Ensure elevation differences do not impact operations.

Design and Safety

  • Road crossings, signage and access/safety barriers to provide safe and accessible use.
  • Seven bridge crossings are being upgraded with decking and installation of railings.
  • Trail sections will be closed during construction at key access points.


The rail corridor passes through  the traditional territory of First Nations people. The land and lakes provided aboriginal people opportunities for settlement, hunting, fishing and travel. The Okanagan Indian Band’s Territorial Stewardship Team is working to identify sites to avoid impacting them during construction.

Trail Specifications

The trail will be approximately 4.6 metres wide. This will will allow for possible future paving creating a 4.0 metre wide trail with shoulder without additional preparation costs. Some sections of trail may narrow due to natural limitations along lake shores.
Construction of the trail will require removal of the ballast rock currently on the surface. This rock will be mixed with existing material and used in the construction of the sub-grade (base) of the trail. In order to provide the safest trail for all users the trail bed must be widened to permit 4.6 metres wide trail surface. The surface of the trail will be a compacted crushed/mixed aggregate suitable for road bikes, wheelchairs and strollers. A paved surface can be placed on top of this without any additional trail preparation costs.

Campaign Progress

It will take a community to build a legacy.

Current Target

35% Complete

35%$150,000 to finish the trail!

48.5 km Funding Goal

98% Complete

48.50 (98%) total kilometres funded





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